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How to Clean a Microwave

How to Clean a Microwave

I clean all types of random areas within the room, however I even have to admit that I even have ne’er thought to scrub a microwave filter till recently. In fact, I didn’t even apprehend a microwave filter existed till a “clean microwave filter” sign in the microwave in my current house flashed on the screen.

I’m invariably up for an honest challenge therefore I need to researching and gave cleanup it a strive. it absolutely was either that or simply replace the filter!

Here’s what I acknowledged.

Cleaning over the vary microwave filters is straightforward.  The difficult half is removing and reinstalling them!

How to Clean a Microwave Filter

First things initial. once coping with any electrical appliance, it’s invariably an honest plan to disconnect the plug before you start. i do know you recognize this…but I gotta say it.

It’s additionally an honest plan to browse your microwave manual. All microwaves square measure different…and it’s nearly always higher to urge specific cleanup recommendation from the manufacturer rather than the internet!

Now that we’ve that covered…

Most over the vary microwave ovens have 2 sets of filter:

One set is below the vent cowl (to catch all the grease from preparation in a very stove top).

One set is behind the vent cowl (to catch something that may get in the blower motor and injury it.

Normally the filters beneath the kitchen appliance have pull tabs or rings, wherever you’ll pull it to the aspect, up or down, betting on the model. however you will want a screwdriver to urge your filter off.

Now the cleanup part…

When you take away the lowest filters, you’ll in all probability notice however sticky thanks to the accumulated grease over time. All you wish could be a degreaser and provides those filters an honest squirt on each side, let it sit for many minutes and let the degreaser do its work. the highest filters in all probability won’t be as greasy because the bottom filters, therefore soaking those in a very mixture of soap and plight can in all probability work simply fine.

You can strive a natural degreaser like vinegar or a hydrogen carbonate paste, however those choices didn’t work moreover on behalf of me as acommercial degreaser.

After many minutes, wash the filter off with running plight and watch the grease come back off.

After cleanup, set the filters intent on sun dry so put in.


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