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How to install LED light

When coping with high voltage, precautions should be taken to confirm safety and responsibleness. continuously take a look at the circuit to confirm power is totally disconnected. Consult a commissioned skilled worker if you’re not snug with these procedures or have questions about native electrical codes.

put off circuit attending to fixture. undo or put off breaker.
find ballast, cut wires from the one finish. we propose the tip that’s nearest to wherever the AC power are coming into the fixture.
every socket on the fixture has 2 same color wires: cut all four of the wires. provide yourself enough wire to be ready to connect it to the coming into AC power wire – one wire from every socket can head to “Line” and alternative one to “Neutral”.
Use wire bonkers to hide exposed finish of any wires and connect line and neutral wires. Ground may be connected to fixture screw or capped off.
once wiring is completed, one facet are the AC input facet and also the alternative facet can don’t have any current traveling thereto. you have got the choice of disposing of the ballast fully or going it within fixture. within the methodology shown during this video, there’ll be no current going back to the ballast.
shut fixture and notice your AC Input facet to junction rectifier tube lamp.
Power should be applied to the tip cap tagged “AC INPUT”. Applying power to wrong finish can cause an immediate wanting the AC power once turned on.
once the AC input facet is connected to the AC power facet on fixture, you’re able to go. flip power circuit back on from breaker.

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